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Is Hillary Clinton Coming Out of the Shadows?

Is Hillary Clinton Coming Out of the Shadows?If you've listened to some of my past radio reports, you know I have said for about a year or so that I think Hillary Clinton is running for U.S. President. You can listen to Fasten Your Seat Belts; Hillary is Running! here.

On August 12th, Doug Hagmann did a report on his program, Hagmann Report. He was making the point that Kamala Harris is NOT eligible for President because neither of her parents were natural born U.S. citizens.

He described a scenario where he believes there is a political triangle being purposely orchestrated by the Democratic Party whereby Biden is propped up as the Presidential nominee temporarily--as he put it, "as a place holder." Then the Dems strategically place Kamala Harris in as his VP pick and will use her "ineligibility status" later in the production. When Biden steps down (probably due to health issues), VP running mate Harris, causes strife for the party because she is not eligible to take the Presidential slot--so who will the DNC turn to?  Enter Hillary Clinton.

Earlier this week, I was discussing this scenario with a friend. He said there is no way Hillary would be installed because she has to testify in September under oath regarding her missing emails scandal. He also brought up the fact that she has no base--no one likes her. I tend to believe if Hillary was back in the picture, she would gain back her old base rather quickly.

Following this conversation the very next day, I stumbled on the following Politico article titled, "Appeals Court Nixes Hillary Clinton Deposition on Emails"--SURPRISE, she no longer has to appear under oath to answer questions regarding the email scandal. She is off the hook, again. Is this coincidental?

The articles says, "...a federal appeals court panel has unanimously overturned a lower court order requiring Hillary Clinton to provide a sworn deposition about her use of a private email account and server during her four years as secretary of State."

They ruled 3-0 that the conservative group Judicial Watch no longer had the ability to depose Clinton in regards to an 8-year-old Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Once again, the Clinton dirt has been swept under the rug. She is now free to be installed into the Presidential slot without blemish.

Will Hillary make a comeback? In my opinion, stay tuned, I think Hillary is going to come out of the shadows soon. Only time will tell.

Angeline Marie
Program Director
K-Star Talk Radio Network

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