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Rob Skiba: Don't believe what you see on mainstream news or television!

You are being programmed.

Ron Edwards’ American Experience Radio Show to Air on the K-Star Talk Radio Network


Ron Edwards’ American Experience Radio Show to Air on the K-Star Talk Radio Network

(Naples, FL) September 21, 2021 – The K-Star Talk Radio Network today announced they have added radio host Ron Edwards’ syndicated talk radio program, The Ron Edwards' American Exper…

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Is Hillary Clinton Coming Out of the Shadows?

Is Hillary Clinton Coming Out of the Shadows?If you've listened to some of my past radio reports, you know I have said for about a year or so that I think Hillary Clinton is running for U.S. President. You can listen to Fasten Your Seat Belts; Hillary is Running! here.

On August 12th, Doug Hagmann did a report on his program, Hagmann Repor…

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The Swamp is Finally Being Drained!

The swamp is on its way out.
Excellent report by Millie Weaver!


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Public Education: Waste of Tax Money

I was watching a recent report from Kaitlin Bennett's Liberty Hangout as she interviewed young people.

It made me pose the question, "How in the heck is all of our tax money for education being spent when these young people don't know answers to the most basic questions?"

The NEA should be asham…

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The Wall is Being Built!

You won't see this on the mainstream media--they are hiding this.
Check out this website to see the wall building progress.


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Spoiled Americans That Hate Their Country Should Be Ashamed After Seeing This Video!

"3 Quick and Dirty Proofs” We’re in a Spiritual Battle

Here are “3 quick and dirty” (and I do mean dirty–literally) stories that circulated in the news this week; proofs that aren’t just about one group disagreeing with another, not just about the right versus the left, conservative versus liberal–but a “real” SPIRITUAL BATTLE–good versus evil, …

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Conservative Media: Could “blockchain” technology be the savior from censorship?

by Angeline Marie

As censorship of conservative viewpoints continues to increase, alternative media outlets and content producers clamor to find new ways to reach their audiences.  Could “blockchain” technology be the important key that opens the doorway to real, unhindered free speech around the w…

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“Thoughts About the Declaration of Independence” by Argus Childers

When I read the Declaration of Independence, these lines jump out at me.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It doesn’t sa…

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